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********************To fix this problem automatically, click the Fix this problem link.

Then, click Run in the File Download dialog box and follow the steps in this wizard.*********************

Simply connect the device to a PC that has the current version of Zune software installed and updated.

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Like your PC, the Zune requires firmware updates for stability.

It is possible that a connection problem stems from update failure rather than user error.

Update your Zune using the latest firmware from Microsoft when the device will not connect to your PC.

The "Connect Zune to your PC" error message may be an indication that the Zune has entered a recovery mode due to error.

(Just typing that wore me out.) They also got rid of the weird "list" and "browse" views--they don't need "list" view anymore because you can edit song information from within browse view, which is the only view, and isn't called anything anymore--it's just the interface. With those fixes, the Zune software is no longer a show-stopper, and I can recommend the Zune as a credible alternative to the i Pod.

I still like the wireless sync, although other reviewers seem underwhelmed by it, and some of the new social features seem pretty cool--you can now see your friends from within the Zune software, play 30-second samples from their playlists and buy the songs with one click if you're interested, and add new friends by entering Zune tags or e-mail addresses.But apparently the Zune Marketplace has some shows from NBC, which pulled their shows from i Tunes a while back, so a good checkbox feature for those of you keeping track.Overall, though, a much-needed update that I think will make Zune more competitive than it's ever been, and I see a lot of promise if they keep updating the social and wireless features.Connect one end of the USB 2.0 data cable to your Zune.Connect the other end of the data cable to a USB port on your computer.I've had a chance to play around with Zune 2.5, the latest software update to Microsoft's i Pod-competitor, and I'm happy to report that all of the basic fixes Microsoft promised, such as the ability to edit song information and sort songs by genre, are there and work as promised.

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