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The outcome of the personnel changes in the band was the establishment of N'Yoka Longo as the new leader, and new entries such as Lengi Lenga, Bakunde Ilo Pablo and Likinga.Zaiko Langa Langa's production of the latter 1970s are particularly sophisticated both in terms of melody and orchestration, and the choreography of the live performance was also richer than it was in the early years.In 2000, Zaiko Langa Langa were awarded by the Congolese Media Association as the best Congolese musical group of the 20th century.

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Papa Wemba, Bozi Boziana, Mavuela Somo and Evoloko left in 1974 to create Isifi Lokole; the same year, Papa Wemba, Bozi Boziana and Mavuela abandoned Evoloko after a conflict of leadership in the groupe between Evoloko and Papa Wemba to form Yoka Lokole in 1976.

In 1980, guitarist Manuaka Waku also founded his own group, Grand Zaiko Wa Wa, after a brief period of inactivity, the band returned in 1975, and in the following years maintained a prominent position in the soukous scenes, while competing with its own spin-offs such as Isifi Melodia, Yoka Lokole and later on in 1977 Viva La Musica of Papa Wemba after he left Yoka Lokole after another conflict of leadership between him and Mavuela Somo.

The sound of Zaiko Langa Langa was revolutionary with respect to the soukous tradition, they adopted a more up tempo beat, abandoned wind instruments and emphasized snare drums and lead electric guitars (and eventually also synthesizers).

The percussion rhythms were adapted from traditional Congolese music and the sebene became more prominent, their vocal lines made a large use of the call and response schemes.

In 1974, Zaiko Langa Langa were amongst the Zairean bands to be invited to play in Zaire '74, a huge musical event celebrating the Rumble in the Jungle.

In the mid 1970s the band lost some of its most important members.

Zaiko spent 6 and half years in Europe (2002–09), its headquarters ware in Bruxelles, Belgium.

But the band gave more concerts in France and other countries around Europe, during that time in Europe, Zaiko released three albums: Eureka (2002), Empreintes (2004), Recontres (2006).

With Meridjo, Bapius, Matima, Zamuangana who were part of Zaiko from its creation staying with Nyoka Longo followed by Dindo Yogo and the band was called then Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka, and was considered as the original Zaiko, to differentiate it from the band of Bimi Ombale which was called Zaiko Langa Langa Familia Dei and had Lengi Lenga, Ilo Pablo, JP Buse and the rest of the musicians that came in the 1980s.

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