Yung berg is dating

All of this has come back to bite us in the buttocks.(2) The unaddressed misogyny in the Black collective, which has caused unprecedented levels of violence against Black women and girls. This has also morphed into open, vehement support for Black men exploiting and refusing to marry Black women.

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(3) The unchallenged anti-intellectualism among the African-American collective.

This has morphed into African-Americans lifting up, and celebrating, ignorance and depravity as “acting Black.” (4) The refusal to hold our (mis)leadership class accountable for their failures and trespasses.

The reprobates will continue to play dumb, tell lies, and distort the most basic ideas about BWE. Some of these foolish “nothing but a Black man” women will try to sabotage other Black women who are MOVING ON.

This is why it’s essential for escaping Black women to remain quiet about their plans.

If she can get a quality husband from the outer world, so can I!

” This is the point at which the more ambitious among the left-behind African-American women will start to imitate the Sojourner’s various moves—her self-presentation choices, her social circle choices, and so on. She’ll drop her knee-jerk grudge against White men.

Ladies, this is your victory, may God bless you all.

This is our collective victory as legitimate BWE (Black Women’s Empowerment) bloggers, all praise is due to God Almighty.

Each African-American woman who marries out leaves behind a number of Black women relatives, friends, and acquaintances who are suffering in toxic, all-Black social circles.

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