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I suggest watching TRANSIT GIRLS for anyone who wants to see him as a main character. He was my favorite actor and character in the drama. I loved him in Good Morning Call and definitely gonna watch the other drama series and movies I want to praise him for his acting.

TV shows and movies (be they animated or live action) that use bathing scenes usually rely on Censor Steam or Censor Suds.

Careful lighting can be used to create a Censor Shadow.

Using their power, he transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to protect the students of Amanogawa High.

Fourze can equip up to four Astro Switches at once, using them to equip attachments onto his arms and legs that boost his combat potential.

Using the Astro Switches, these young people will open the door to the future of space. When the school is attacked by mysterious monsters named Zodiarts, Gentaro receives the Fourze Driver and Astro Switches from fellow students Kengo Utahoshi and Yuki Jojima.

Amanogawa High School is a school that encourages every one of its students to be themselves, creating a diverse (but chaotic) student body.

He treated Noa really nicely ( even if he kissed her while she was dating his best friend) but he was adorable and his smile was just the cutest thing ever!

And the way he looked after his sister was so caring and cute Finally he has a lead role in Ashi Girl drama~! I was so happy that he has a real lead role for it!

For cases in which an actress is pregnant but her character isn't, see Hide Your Pregnancy.

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