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We also enjoyed our conversations — people were nice and didn’t really give off an “elitist” vibe.

Amanda Bradford, The League founder’s and CEO, said she’s optimistic about the service taking off in Seattle after attending the party. “You can tell by these parties how well a community will do on the app.

“Everyone is dressed very nicely and is well put-together,” said Liz De Vleming, who grew up in Seattle and returned after college.

“They are mingling with each other and speaking words a little bit more than usual.

“If you can narrow all the noise and figure out who is compatable, it makes things a bit easier.” Others said the low barriers to entry for apps like Tinder and Bumble lead to flakiness and wasted time. I’m not used to it — I’m more of a talkative person rather than texting.” De Vleming said it’s hard for women in Seattle to date. “The traditional way doesn’t happen in this city,” she said.

“It just takes a lot of patience and you get a ton of weirdos and freaks,” said Kathy Sullivan, an industrial engineer. ” Added Sullivan: “I feel like a lot my friends, guys and girls, just go on Tinder to swipe so they can feel good about themselves.” “It’s easier there and people want to go out,” he said. “If you wait for it to happen, it just doesn’t happen.” The quirky dating scene is one of the reasons Bradford, The League’s CEO, thinks the app will do well in Seattle.

“People in Seattle are ready for something like The League.” But Prosser said that the changes in Seattle can make dating tough, with people moving in and out so much and new businesses coming and going.

“We don’t have the tradition you get in other cities,” he said.I’m hoping that by incorporating this into the culture, there will at least be another avenue to meet people if your group of friends aren’t the best matchmakers.” Seattle presents a unique challenge for the app.The League automatically filters out co-workers when you join, to avoid any awkward interactions on the app. Those are some of our takeaways after attending The League’s launch party on a warm summer evening Wednesday at the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion in Ballard.Founded in 2014, the startup differentiates itself from the bevy of dating apps with a vetting process that scrutinizes a candidate’s education, career, and ambition.Some describe the app as “elitist,” but many like how it helps match like-minded people, some of whom have found romance and marriage via the service.

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