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As a result, the changed item is no longer in the correct sort location or group. NET 3.5 or earlier, you can force a Collection View to be updated at runtime by calling its Refresh() method.Then the items will once again be properly grouped and sorted.

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For each change, the view would need to raise a very specific Collection Changed notification (Add, Remove, or Move) for consumption by the Item Container Generator of the owning Items Control.

Not only would such a synchronization routine be complex, but it is also likely to be .

Gibt das einzige Element einer Sequenz, das eine angegebene Bedingung erfüllt, oder einen Standardwert zurück, wenn kein solches Element vorhanden ist.

Diese Methode löst eine Ausnahme aus, wenn mehrere Elemente die Bedingung erfüllen.

For example, if the Bart character was the current item before it was removed from the collection, that state will be lost.

If this is important to your scenario, you must add additional code around the remove/re-add routine to save and restore currency.

Um die Übertragung von Datenwerten von binden Objekte an Bindungsziele vollständig unterstützen zu können, jedes Objekt in der Auflistung, die bindbare Eigenschaften unterstützt muss implementieren eine entsprechende Eigenschaft geändert Benachrichtigungsmechanismus wie z.

Whilst having an Observable Collection of “Person” objects, and creating a collectionview for this and also adding a Sort Description on a “Name” property on the “Person” object, I noticed that if I change the “Name” property on one of the objects (they are shown in a listbox, having the “Name” property databound to a textblock), and thereafter calling Refresh() on the Collection View, the refresh will actually take more than a second with only about 50 items.

Namely, it allows you to implement an interface on your datamodel objects (or on your viewmodel objects, if you are using the model-view-viewmodel pattern).

This new interface allows for transactional changes (edit, cancel, and commit) on the object.

A Better Option: Remove and Re-Add A better approach, especially if you are stuck on pre-3.5 SP1 bits, is to do precisely what you describe in your email.

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