Words with friends updating games forever

But still, some people just don't like this new addition to Facebook. It's not really showing anything that wasn't available before, which means it's not that much different than the actual News Feed.

You can hide stories and friends just like you can from the News Feed, and anything you will or already have hidden from your News Feed applies to the new ticker. But what if you just want to trash the whole ticker?

And also beware: Every post you make on a public fan page will show up in all of your friends' tickers, because fan pages are public by default, meaning this information is accessible to anyone on Facebook.

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That means the information you allow others to see when you're playing a game or messing around on an app will be visible in others' tickers while they're using an app.

To be set specific guidelines about who can see posts and activities from your apps, you'll have to manage them individually by going to your App Settings.

You can even set it to your eyes only with the "custom" option.

If you post something with the "public" option checked, then it will show up in your friends' tickers, and possibly in the tickers of your friends of friends.

If you're not comfortable with those settings, then don't comment or like it.

And remember, it only shows up on whatever was set, meaning your friends will not see the activity in their tickers unless they can already see the original post.

If you don't want that, make sure to use the customize option.

It's definitely a hassle, but the only surefire way to make sure you control what people see about you in their tickers. Unfortunately, whenever you comment on somebody's post or like somebody's photo, it's fair game for the News Feed and ticker, as well as your timeline.

You can't see your own activity in the ticker, which makes it hard to know exactly what you're sharing, but the upcoming Timeline feature Facebook will be rolling out in a few weeks will let you see what you've been up to on Facebook, giving you a chance to fix any problems.

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