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As soon as it's installed, go back to Facebook and check it out.

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But still, some people just don't like this new addition to Facebook. It's not really showing anything that wasn't available before, which means it's not that much different than the actual News Feed.

You can hide stories and friends just like you can from the News Feed, and anything you will or already have hidden from your News Feed applies to the new ticker. But what if you just want to trash the whole ticker?

Life was just right for Paramedic Roy De Soto, good friends, good job, wonderful wife & kids.

Six years had past since he had seen the only other woman he had wanted to marry, now she is back and only the Capt knows about this woman & their friendship.

Click on the app you want to check and adjust your privacy settings in the "App activity privacy" section.

You can set it to Public, Friends of Friends, Friends, and more, as well as customize it. If you choose "Only Me" under the Customize option, then nobody will ever see your interaction with an app except you.The only real difference is that it shows real time activity. It's constant updating is a distraction and it shows everything your friends allow you to see, and reveals everything you do to your friends. You can't, but there are some ways to lessen the impact of it, in your eyes and in others'.To stop everything you share on Facebook from showing up in your friends' tickers, you'll need to make sure your privacy settings are strict.If you're not comfortable with those settings, then don't comment or like it.And remember, it only shows up on whatever was set, meaning your friends will not see the activity in their tickers unless they can already see the original post.If you don't want that, make sure to use the customize option.

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