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Numbers don’t lie, so date your way to figuring out what your perfect ten should be. Watch this video to soak in some dating wisdom from Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond."There are plenty of fish in the sea."The age-old saying traditionally applies to dating, but it can also apply to dating apps.

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But our data suggests that, at least with the tools we currently have available, there isn’t an easy fix for finding love."This won't be news to anyone who's had the great displeasure of meeting up with a Tinder crush in real life only to discover a complete lack of chemistry.

This perhaps what makes the trailer for "Hang The DJ," so chilling.

It may seem that using dating for data strips all the romance out of the process, but not nearly as much as using it for casual hook-ups.

Besides, what’s more romantic than knowing someone, really knowing them because you’ve done your research?

Prior to the dates, the daters filled out questionnaires regarding over 100 of their preferences in a potential partner.

After each speed date, the participants rated their interactions to indicate what level of interest and sexual attraction they had for each person they met.It appears to raise the question of whether letting algorithms and systems dictate who our potential partners could be, that we're also sacrificing a certain degree of autonomy and romance in the process.Toward the end of the trailer we see a couple getting married who enthuse that The System "really does work" in finding the person you're supposed to be with.If you’re dating someone for a longer stretch of time, you’ll get to spend time with their friends and family. You can tell a lot about a person based on who they choose to hang out with as well as their family background.As Michelle says, “Birds of a feather…” so don’t ignore your instincts if you get warning signs from their peers or parents.Or, having to break up with someone you share a deep connection with, because an algorithm suggested you couldn't possibly be a match.

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