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Netflix's subscription service gives them a financial base that allows them to be confident.

Essentially, Netflix subscribers aren't likely to cancel their subscription if they watch will be with their viewers.

Another went so far as to say: “Im sitting here thinking did the critics watch the same film as i did?

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However, again, since Netflix isn't risking money in the same way, the film's ultimate rating matter less.

Thus giving David Ayer that creative freedom that he spoke about.

Despite the sort of ridiculous antics that follow there’s actually some half-decent dating advice throughout that still holds up today. I’m a cool confident dude,” then eventually you’ll believe it. Live life from quotations you read on fortune cookies “Love yourself.” “A dream you have will come true.” “The greatest risk is not taking one.” Sure, they’re cheesy sayings. Kicking someone in the head will lead to good conversation later Well, it just does, according to Hitch.

In case you need a quick refresher, the movie stars Smith and Kevin James, and is about a dude who helps guys get the girl of his dreams.

For me, the only real difference is there's a lot more freedom and creativity.

Will Smith went on to discuss at length how the Netflix strategy is something unique compared to the way a normal studio works.

Still, that didn’t stop Netflix subscribers from flocking to see it in their millions.

According to Nielsen estimates, first reported by Variety, Bright was seen by 11 million US viewers across its first weekend.

While Ayer didn't point to any specifics himself, producer Eric Newman did make a comment about one thing that everybody agreed would have been different if the movie hadn't been made at Netflix, the rating: The PG-13 rating is the studio sweet spot because it allows the largest group of people to attend the film while still allowing the theater to put as much in the movie as possible.

Limiting the audience only increases the difficulty in making the money back.

, from director David Ayer and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, is probably Netflix's highest profile movie release this year.

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