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We’re looking at the biggest and best romantic movies of 2016, whether it’s about pure love or romantic-comedy.

This month's batch of new movies will definitely be worthy of storage in your mental locker of fond memories.

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Początkowo pracowała jako kelnerka w klubie w Wattenscheid, w dzielnicy Bochum, następnie w barze na dworcu kolejowym Duisburg Hauptbahnhof.

(born 26 February 1986) is an Australian actress, writer, and model, best known for her roles in Warm Bodies, Lights Out and Hacksaw Ridge.

In 1955, Russell Hobbs introduced a thermostat to switch it off when it was boiling and the kettle we know today was born.‘Back then, the element was visible inside the kettle, so if it broke — which happened frequently — you could easily replace it,’ says Dr Nicholas Oddy, head of design history at the Glasgow School of Art.

‘Now, it’s usually hidden beneath a plate, so if it goes, you have to buy a new kettle.’‘In years gone by, if the drum bearings went, each and every component could be purchased and replaced. Due to the price of these, a washing machine with faulty bearings cannot be economically repaired, and hence it ends up in landfill.

There’s the NAACP.” The resulting backlash has included comparisons of Wendy Williams to Stacey Dash, the Fox analyst who offered similar comments during the Oscars So White controversy earlier this year.

For while consumers who invested in white goods in, say, the Fifties could confidently expect to bequeath their fridge or oven to their children decades later, anyone expecting to do the same in Britain today would be laughed at. One explanation is ‘planned obsolescence’ — a sneaky trick of designing products to break or wear out more easily (by having non-replaceable batteries, for example) to force consumers to keep buying replacements.‘In the past, most products were designed to last as long as possible,’ says Professor Tim Cooper of the College of Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University.

From emotional true stories of love, determination, and triumph, to feel-good animated fare that will wow the kids and make us grown-ups smile, there's truly something for everyone this month.

I'd avoid it and watch something more meaningful like Tom & Jerry instead.

Teresa Palmer is all smiles while showing off her baby bump on an errands run on Wednesday (August 24) in Los Angeles.

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