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Utilize your attraction skills, body language and eye contact to make approaching you easy and comfortable.

I suggest flirting with heavy eye contact, getting close to, maybe even bumping him or walking past him and letting him speak to you.

In the very next segment, Charles and Kenny asked him if he might be going to the Kentucky Derby this year.

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because that audio doesn’t show the big cheese smile Wade had through this whole..

Either he’s amused to be on the gossip pages or there is something more to it that he couldn’t just deny it without a see you later and a smile.

But when the eye contact continues, you know he's looking for a reason.

Are you willing to let what is meant for you, come to you?

Right and more importantly Not to sound old-fashioned but after my years of dating and writing about dating I find that women who let men approach them have longer lasting relationships.

If you believe that you will meet the right man then you don’t need to approach the wrong ones.

And then the courts dismissed the case." Despite being sucked into Wade's divorce drama, Union says she has no regrets about their relationship.

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