Who is romeo from aventura dating dating the cheetah bottleneck

After spending years traveling the world and living abroad, Janel decided to settle in New York and call it home.

She is most passionate about traveling, entertainment in all its forms and animal advocacy, especially dogs.

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The contrast in their styles showed how bachata has evolved, their songs more streamlined and compact and Romeo's flusher and more honey-gooey; Vargas and Antony Santos in suits, Romeo in crispy sneakers and a sleeveless button-down. For his performance of the salacious and extremely popular "Propuesta Indecente," he brought out a woman to serenade her, but before he hit the second verse, they had moved to a king-sized prop bed.

(Midway through, there was a costume change, of course.) Santos' popularity is not just rooted in #Latinopower but in his massive multigenerational appeal — abuelas and tweens came out in equal force, entire families screaming along "Arriba arriba! He sang the latter half of the song from under the red velvet comforter, throwing a bra from the blanket in case anyone missed the point.

" It was a point duly made: while many English speakers have only recently begun paying attention to Santos thanks to features on his new album, , from Drake and Minaj (prior collaborations with Usher and Lil Wayne were less noticed), Bronx-born Santos is bachata's prodigal son, a multi-platinum selling artist with an HBO Special and an especially rabid appeal in his hometown.

But he was clearly doing Drake a favor; the emo rap crooner who sang in Español for the occasion wishes he had the game of Santos.

If Santos' wildly successful career as a bachata dreamboat ever fails (unlikely), he's got a promising back-up career in love-coaching.

He was administering advice to the new generation of men who have not yet mastered the art of romancing their ladies, fighting the good fight and instructing them to tell her she looks beautiful no matter what.

and when he wasn't busy seducing "Latinas, boricuas, Dominicanas"?

Romeo Santos, bachata king, spent Friday night at Yankee Stadium humping, humping, humping away…

To deploy a dorky cliché, they don't call him Romeo for nothing; the king of bachata, maybe the most romantic musical genre to date, is synonymous with the king of love.

Yet he needed no candlelight to beguile his audience: he was lit by the glow of tens of thousands cell phones twinkling upon him under the night sky.

It was among Shakespeare's most popular plays during his lifetime and along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays.

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