Who is reichen lehmkuhl dating now

Not too long after he was approached by casting director in a club to appear on the fourth season of The Amazing Race.

who is reichen lehmkuhl dating now-29

“I wrote my first book in the name of fighting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

The new one will pick up where that story left off, so from leaving the Air Force until now.” A lot has happened to him in that time.

He made me laugh and I really fell in love with him. Lance and I were torn apart by a lot of publicity and stuff that I just couldn’t handle.” I ask Reichen what the future holds for him. Where he would like to be in five years time surprises me. I want a boat and a dock, to fish and chop my own wood to stay warm at night. Isn’t he supposed to say he’d like his own chat show or something? “I would love to have my own TV show but only because it would bring my dream that much closer. I was brought up and raised around a trailer park and I never want to go back there.

All the stuff I’ve done has been motivated by an underlying fear of going back to that life.” I ask him about the hypothetical guy he’ll retire with up in Maine.

“He’s done like a general apology,” says Reichen, “but you know I don’t really accept it. We didn’t deserve the name-calling and the things he said. I don’t understand how someone can say, ‘Oh, now I’m a good person,’ without going to each of the people they attacked and apologising.” Lehmkuhl’s haters would have you believe his romance with Lance Bass was a calculated, publicity-seeking move on his part. “Lance and I met in the middle of a real estate deal.

His friends invited me out one night and we began to hang out more and more. I found him fascinating not just because of what he’d done and where he’d been at such an early age, he was just a very smart guy. I would love to be building a 5,000 sq ft cabin on a lake in Maine. What I’m doing now feels like a means to and end.” This isn’t what I expect.

I came home and told my parents who informed me my name was indeed Richard.

I told them I hated the name and didn’t want anyone to ever call me that name again.” So, many years later and with his parents blessing, Richard became Reichen.

He’d been looking for work here in the States so I decided to put the scary thoughts to one side and just do it.

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