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For those not paying attention, Prepon plays the tough-as-nails Alex, who is the former girlfriend of Piper (Schilling) and now the two exes are doing the uncomfortable dance while spending time in prison for a crime they committed together.

Prepon talked to us about her first time playing a lesbian, her biggest challenge in the first season (it’s not the dryer or lathering up with her sexy co-star) and her thoughts on sexual chemistry with another woman.

I love character-driven films that I can relate to personally."In October 2016, Prepon announced her engagement to actor Ben Foster.

In January 2017, the couple announced they were expecting their first child.

Prepon also appears in the upcoming thriller co-star Topher Grace said of Prepon, "She actually is that girl that you never think exists, that quintessential girl that every guy is looking for." She typically does not wear makeup, ties her hair back in a loose ponytail and says her wardrobe consists of "the same jeans and a different T-shirt every day." When not acting, Prepon keeps busy with fishing, shooting at the firing range, riding dirt bikes and playing poker.

In 2005, Prepon fused her poker hobby with her television career when she co-produced the E!

You think she’s this innocent woman but she’s really not and that’s what’s really cool about this show is that things that you think are happening, it’s like “Whoa, that’s not actually what’s going on.”But she was also in love with Alex and when you take these women and put them in four walls where they can’t go anywhere, you can kind of imagine what might happen with two women that are not getting along, but there’s this strong love there…and you can kind of use your imagination as to what may happen to these two women who used to love each other.

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The popular Emmy Award-winning sitcom, which also sparked the careers of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, made Laura Prepon a household name among TV fans.

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