Who is geoffrey rush dating

According to the document, Rush touched the actress "in a manner that made the Complainant feel uncomfortable" during the play's final scene.As King Lear, Rush had to carry Norvill on to the stage as she simulated the lifeless body of the title character's daughter, Cordelia.

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Rush has performed in the Sydney Theatre Company for 35 years.

He won the 1997 best actor Academy Award for Shine and has three other Oscar nominations.

The defence document stated: "that a complaint had been made to the STC by the complainant (Norvill) in substance that the Applicant (Rush) had touched her genitals during the production of King Lear without her consent." The Judge reserved his decision on Mr Mc Hugh's application to strike out large parts of The Daily Telegraph's defence including the entirety of its truth defence.

Justice Wigney also reserved his decision on Rush's application to stop the issuing of a subpoena by Nationwide News on the Sydney Theatre Company for documents relating to the alleged complaint.

At first, The King’s Speech, directed by Tom Hooper, looks awfully familiar, a musty historical drama full of monarchs and period costumes and atmospheric fog.

Peer a bit closer though, and it’s a thoroughly modern tale, the true-life story of a king’s efforts to overcome his stammer in order to face his public, constructed like a contemporary makeover narrative.

His father, King George V (Michael Gambon), is an emotional despot who mistakes chiding for medicine.

Real doctors are of little help either: they stuff Albert’s mouth with marbles and tell him that smoking will relax his lungs. Albert struggles even to tell bedtime stories to his children.

He is perhaps best known as Captain Barbossa in the Pirates Of The Caribbean films.

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