Who is drew dating in degrassi

These two were easily one of the most loved Degrassi couples of all time.

They made it through Emma's frizzy hair days and even Sean's time in jail, so it makes no sense that these two weren't endgame.

These two started off as friends (he was dating her best friend), but it eventually turned into something more.

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It was the typical alpha girl meets player scenario, but I couldn't help but ship them.

Even though they broke up on the show, I still have hope that these two got back together when they both attended Yale.

Only Degrassi could make us 'ship the most unlikely couple, and then make us cry uncontrollably when they broke up.

Seriously, the new season has a lot to live up to because this show was intense.

Hence why we were all heartbroken when they finally ended as just friends.

While I must admit I was more of a Darcy and Spinner 'shipper myself, I can still appreciate the relationship between her and Peter.When they finally worked things out though, Degrassi did the worst thing possible by killing Adam off in a texting and driving plot.Ah, I get excited just thinking about this relationship.These two started off as friends, but eventually decided to be something more.Although they had a rocky start at first, they developed an amazing bond.While we have to wait until January 2016 to see the final product, if I know anything about Degrassi, it's sure to be filled with even more drama, more gossip and certainly more pairings.

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