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resulting in four committee members "considering asking the Serjeant at Arms to issue a warrant forcing Brooks to attend"; however they subsequently dropped this proposal because they believed their private lives would be investigated if they did so.John Whittingdale, chair of the committee, stated there was a conversation "about the possible repercussions of issuing a warrant for Brooks but said that did not have any bearing on his decision and he did not believe News International would target committee members." and a solicitor alleged that in 2002, when Brooks was editor, the paper had hacked the voicemail of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler (later found to be murdered), to access messages left by her parents.

A police enquiry revealed that the News of the World had a routine practice of intercepting mobile phone messages of celebrities, politicians and other public figures.

The newspaper's reporter, Clive Goodman, and Glenn Mulcaire, a hired investigator, were convicted and jailed for intercepting the phone messages of members of the Royal Family in 2006.

In 2003, under questioning by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee of the House of Commons, Chris Bryant MP, Brooks and Andy Coulson were asked whether either of their newspapers had ever been involved in various improper acts.

Brooks replied, "We have paid police for information in the past." Andy Coulson stepped in to say that payments were only made lawfully.

Earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology (with a concentration on "Media Representation of Minorities") from UC-Berkeley, where she minored in Theater.

She went on to earn a Master's degree from Sarah Lawrence College.

His second album Every Third Thought recently was made available for pre-order.

Duchovny performed earlier this month in Vancouver and has shows scheduled in February in New Zealand and Australia.

We need governments of the world that work together and collaborate.

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