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Christopher had played a gay scene in one of his most successful projects “Days of Our Lives” and that often led people to wonder if he is an off-screen gay as well.

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An insider told celebrity website The Gleaner: "Security is important when you are doing weddings like these.

We really don't want the yuppies crashing the gate."The newlyweds are honeymooning in French Polynesia.

Jodi and sprinter Bolt live in a smart Norbrook housing complex in a suburb of Kingston, Jamaica.

Another neighbour backed up her complaint, saying Bolt had been ‘the neighbour from hell’ adding: ‘He has parties which start in the afternoon and go on until 3am, 4am, whatever he chooses.

She split with her TV 'husband' Nasser Sultan on Sunday night's emotional episode of Married At First Sight.

And now Gabrielle Bartlett has revealed she's found comfort in another MAFS groom.

However, he belongs to the straight side and has been flaunting his love life, which includes his girlfriend, and that has ultimately shut the gay rumors that often surrounded him.

So let us have a look at his love life and also take a look at how he managed to play a gay role with such fine art.

Your support and love has not gone unnoticed and I will be eternally grateful for each smile on the street, comment on social media, anyone who reached out to me.' 'And to you, yes Mr you..gorgeous, masculine, kind hearted man of my equal that I just haven't met yet' she started, 'I'm still looking for you so please keep searching to find me...' She signed off: 'Sending rays n rays of love.'Gabrielle's co-star Sarah Roza couldn't help but gush over Gabrielle's post, commenting underneath: 'Gosh, I adore you my love,' before going on to say 'I just know an incredible man will be in your future soon.'It comes after an emotional commitment ceremony on Sunday night, which saw her marriage to fitness trainer Nasser Sultan end in tears.

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