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Friends said it was probably cash, not just revenge that was driving her.

The brunette, who turns 40 next July, still faces the hangover of massive legal costs relating to the Clinton affair and nolonger runs She rarely ventures out to high-profile events and was last seen in public nearly a year ago at an American Cancer Society Benefit, which her her good friend, The Good Wife actor Alan Cumming, hosted last December.

The couple’s red-hot phone sex conversations were also intercepted by British, Russian and Israeli spy agencies, posing a threat to the US’s national security.

When the scandal exploded she was comforted by her mother.

Depressed, she also sought psychological counselling. Moving to New York in 1999 to seek a fresh start, she launched a handbag line under the name The Real Monica – ironic, considering how much emotional baggage she carried around.

“He has lied.” Attempts at TV celebrity fizzled out with underwhelming appearances as a guest on American chat shows and in the UK with Graham Norton.

Answering audience questions for an HBO TV documentary left her deeply wounded.

She moved between Los Angeles, New York and Portland in Oregon, pursuing a career in marketing, branding and communications.“I was never ‘quite right’ for the position,” she said.

Companies worried that her past would damage their brand.

But for Monica, she has never been able to emerge from its shadow and be known for anything other than that girl who wore that dress and had that affair.

Mail Online has learned that as she also continues her struggle with her weight, Monica now lives with her mother.

As well as the heartbreak she suffered after her relationship with President Clinton, Monica also plans to detail the pain of ending a pregnancy at the height of her liaison with the president, the source said In what was an unfortunate and awkward schedule at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina last month, Monica's former rabbi - who publicly condemned President Clinton during the sex scandal - gave the benediction minutes after he took the month: 'Several publishers would love her to tell all, but she has no intention of doing so.

She has been through enough already and all this happened 14 years ago.

Fleeing further afield, Lewinsky wound up her handbag business, packed her own bags and decamped to Britain, pursuing a masters degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics in 2005.“I moved to England to study, to challenge myself, to escape scrutiny, and to reimagine my identity,” she wrote in Vanity Fair magazine.“I had more anonymity in London perhaps due to the fact that I spent most of my waking hours in class or buried in the library.”She hoped that her degree would be “a gateway to a more normal life”. Returning to the US after graduating in 2006 she found that her history hounded her still.

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