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He was selected as a second team All-American his senior year as nationally ranked No. One of his greatest moments ever for the Colorado Buffaloes came at the very beginning.

On September 5, 1992, Stewart started his first game as a sophomore as Colorado unveiled a pass-oriented offense that lifted the 12th-ranked Buffaloes past in-state rival Colorado State, 37–17.

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The briefest of glances at the legislation indicates the range of factors judges, and parents, have to take into account, including the child’s age, safety, physical and emotional needs, educational requirements and, crucially, the need to achieve a satisfactory arrangement as soon as possible in the best interests of the child’s well-being.

A recent investigation undertaken by University of Warwick on behalf of the Nuffield Foundation found that “There is no evidence that family courts in England and Wales are discriminating against fathers because of gender bias.” Bob Grieg, who runs the non-profit for single fathers and the recently launched the Family Law Panel directory, says that no number of men-focused lawyers is going to change the essential principles upheld by the family courts, nor the emotional outcome of almost all divorce proceedings.

The men-centred model has also spawned many imitators.

While financial settlements following divorce and “arrangements” for the care of children – the modern, inclusive term for custody issues – are likely to be the UK firm’s bread and butter, the London office will be addressing other areas in which men’s legal status is perceived to be inferior or uncertain.

He cites the Rebecca Minnock saga: “The mother, whilst on the run, telephoned two leading newspapers stating that she went on the run as ‘she had felt let down by the system’.

This seems interestingly to indicate that the mother felt protection of the ‘system’ would have been afforded to her by keeping the child in her care.We find that men, instead of seeking professional advice, will turn to friends and social media, and they’ll be given informal advice.Friends will say ‘Well, I left when it happened to me’ and they’ll take this as an example.” The legal establishment, Assaad maintains, reinforces these attitudes.We don’t see it in every case, every court, every expert of course, but it is there.” The root of the prejudice, she says, “is in the general idea that women have primacy over parenting.Women are ascribed with attitudes such as sensitivity and caring, while men bring many of these same things [to a family] but in a different form.So if I can't show you my love, I don't love you the way I'd love another man.

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