Who is amy sedaris dating

If it's an offer she's uncomfortable with -- such as the one to become a regular on Saturday Night Live, for instance -- she would rather not get involved.In her estimation, the time would be much better spent preparing and selling her cheese balls or cupcakes.But right now, she is focused on making her CD shelves the very best they can be.

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Amy Sedaris is crawling around her living room armed with masking tape and a paintbrush.

Her baseboard-painting project has thrown her West Village apartment into disarray but it still feels cozy, and although it's late, Sedaris hasn't prepared anything to eat. Usually when visitors drop by, she has a snack ready -- famous for her homemade cheese balls, homemade cupcakes, or chocolate-covered pretzels -- but with the house such a mess, she's preoccupied. The bookcases she found in the garbage years ago will be arranged just right, and her new striped rug will perfectly complement her new floors, which are striped with dark and light finished woods.

Her rationale is that she's better off collaborating with friends like Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert, both of whom worked on Strangers with Candy, or her brother David, an author (most recently of Me Talk Pretty One Day), whose work on the play One Woman Shoe helped earn the siblings an Obie award.

By teaming up with people she knows and trusts, sacrificing integrity isn't an issue, and for Sedaris, that's important.

After taking classes there with Dinello, Colbert, and Chris Farley, the four were eventually accepted into the fold, and toured comedy clubs and college campuses in every state except North and South Dakota.

That lasted two years, and when it was over, Sedaris was asked to become a permanent resident of the troupe.

She worked at a Red Lobster and a Steak and Ale, lived in a duplex in Raleigh, N.

C., and entertained dreams of eventually getting a job in a nearby women's prison or as a social worker.

In high school, she never had that cushion to fall back on.

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