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Months ago, she even took on a few shifts a week as a waitress at Marion's Restaurant on the Bowery, but she says that with an increasingly hectic schedule and some people's perception that the job was a ploy to come across as esoteric, she dropped it altogether.

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In the meantime, shelves will need painting, a table will need a leg, and two episodes of Just Shoot Me, to air on NBC, will need to be filmed in Los Angeles.

Sedaris, the 40-year-old comedian best-known for playing Jerri Blank, a 40-something high school freshman on Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy, is slated to play the female equivalent of David Spade's obnoxious character on the show.

Although Dinello and Sedaris dated for eight years and eventually broke up, Sedaris refers to the man who played Jellineck in Strangers with Candy as her best friend and someone who shares her obsession with other people's relationships.

While she was a resident, it wasn't all hanky-panky and sketch comedy, though -- Sedaris was also taking time out to write plays with her brother David.

And he eats meat, which is refreshing, you know what I mean?

Recommended dating age range she was a celebrated, it wasn't all valiant-panky and doing today, though -- Sedaris was also jay help out to individual plays with her membrane David. "I always got along with all types of people -- popular people as well as drug addicts." Throughout her life, she always had her older brother to confide in.In interviews, she and David both speak of each other glowingly, and in Me Talk Pretty One Day, his anecdotes of her often contain a twisted hint of awe.Although uncertain of what role she would play in a prison environment, Sedaris keeps a straight face when she says that any job there would have fascinated her. Mostly, I'll just try to listen to my friends, and they'll say the same thing over and over again," she says with an impish grin.As for a career in social work, her explanation is simple -- she likes listening to other people's problems. Being "there" for friends doesn't mean she can't bust their chops, though.In one, he muses on how at the age of 10, Amy had the audacity to swipe "a fistful of twenties" from a grocery store cash register, and then told the angry store manager that she was only pretending to steal the money.

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