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A motion was filed in Calaveras County Superior court on Dec.

26 that seeks to alter the guidelines surrounding the case of man accused of striking two women with his boat while under the influence of a controlled substance last year.

Small consolation, but 20-years is a pretty damn good run in Hollywood ...

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Braun.”The motion also said that if the defense fails to comply with the discovery obligations, the defense should be barred from calling Braun as a witness.

The final two portions of the motion involve prior convictions for driving under the influence.

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The motion also seeks to limit the use of the word “accident.” According to the motion, the word accident carries various connotations and opens the door for “misuse” by the defense and the jury.

Accident, per the motion, can be used in two different ways: to infer a “state of mind” and to infer an “event.” The motion seeks to keep the term accident close to the “event” definition, and not the “state of mind” of the person who allegedly committed the crime.“Jurors, upon hearing the word ‘accident’ will no doubt conjure up ideations congruent with the lay definition of accident.

The music luminary had been producing records for decades, earning over 50 gold and platinum albums, working with James Brown, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, The Doobie Brothers, Journey, Collective Soul, and REM.

Co-producing was Fred Coury, former drummer for Cinderella.“If we go, we’ll probably do the rhythm tracks there, then do all the vocals and leads in Atlanta with Rodney.” Mc Coy describes the band’s creative process, “Sometimes when it goes into the studio, it can go in a totally different direction.

The couple has a son, and she's asking for sole physical custody and joint legal.

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