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An interesting alteration to the relationship was that Jimmy designed the signal watch himself, leading to his first meeting with Superman.

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He reconsidered his actions, but lost his job for wasting the timeslot. Jimmy later came under the angry hand of the Alpha Centurion, an alternate universe dictator with a deep-seated hatred for Superman and an eye toward Lois Lane.

It was Jimmy who first uncovered his secret plot to control the world's finances through his company Aelius Industries, Inc.

While Jimmy's transformations no longer occur as regularly as they did in the Silver Age, Jimmy once became a type of "Elastic Lad" on contact with the Eradicator; this transformation, however, was extremely painful for Jimmy and hasn't appeared since.

He also took the identity of "Turtle Boy" in a series of pizza commercials, made when he was temporarily laid off from the Planet.

In New Earth continuity, the watch was designed by Superman based on a larger signaling device Jimmy created.) In many Silver Age of Comic Books, Jimmy was often seen sharing adventures with Superman, who saved him from various predicaments ranging from dangerous to merely embarrassing.

This was particularly pronounced in the series Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen published from 1954 to 1974, which saw Olsen in a variety of slapstick adventures and strange transformations.Action" in urban crime stories that rarely involved Superman.Jimmy Olsen appeared in new stories in The Superman Family #164, 167, 170, 173, 176, 179, and 182–222.But after a handful of appearances, he disappeared again.In late 1953, while Jack Larson was playing the character on the Adventures of Superman television show where he was referred to as "Jim Olsen", the character was revived in the Superman comics after a 10-year absence and then given his own title.Kirby's tenure on the series ended with issue #148; and with issue #164 (April–May 1974) Jimmy's book was folded into the anthology title The Superman Family.

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