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We also shared the house with a very large, lovable but overly friendly and very inquisitive 170 pound Labrador we simply called Beast because of his size.During university Lydia worked at HOOTER's, the international bar and grill restaurant chain famous for their fabulous well endowed waitresses wearing skimpy serving outfits.We all have known one woman or two that seemed to have unlimited boundless energy but here were four roommates that all had it!

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We have been married for four years now and we live near a mountainous tourist/resort town not far from where we went to university.

Lydia is an investment counselor and owns an investment franchise which is considerable to say of her investment talents to be able to to purchase this franchise and have three staff working for her and not anywhere near thirty years of age!

We live outside of town on a very secluded 250 acre mountainous tract that is surrounded by much larger tracts of land, very large ranches actually.

The only thing you see, initially, is an improved road zigzagging up a slope and then it disappears from view.

And when they had been drinking, they also seemed to have an occasional penchant for popping in a porn movie late at night and then things did get very interesting which left no doubt in my mind that the three of them and maybe even Lydia had "fun" with each other.

When Lydia and I got very serious and started sleeping with each other, occasionally I spent the night at the girl's house.

After we got engaged (which did not take a long time Lydia and I having almost instantly recognized something special in each other like the cliché, soul mates), her roommates as well as Lydia started doing something they had not previously done before while I was over at their house - all four of them began the disconcerting habit of walking through the rooms I was in while getting ready to go out, in just panties and bras, or wearing a short towel wrapped around them that barely covered their ass cheeks (and given ample opportunity to be flashed more intimate areas! Some evenings when we all decided not to go out but watch movies instead they would change into skimpy, revealing and very alluring lingerie.

If they started drinking while watching movies, well, they seemed to get very casual and non-nonchalant about what was being exposed.

, as well as individually calling or texting me as much as Lydia did. I can barely remember the times when one or more did not accompany us, but it never bothered me, especially with their great personalities and I greatly enjoyed the open flirtation that again Lydia seemed to encourage not only with the girls but I with them as well.

Besides we all loved the attention we drew: one guy out with two or more extremely beautiful, statuesque, very well endowed and very fit women who openly flirted not only with words but actions with him!

It seemed they preferred going out with their other girlfriends partying and dancing or with Lydia and I, preferably with us.

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