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He was often inconsiderate of my feelings and we fought constantly, so my anxiety was at an all-time high, and I knew I couldn’t spend forever feeling that way.

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Logan helps me with a text to send a guy you don’t want to lose altogether: “Actually, I can’t pillow fight anytime soon. I’m clearly not the latter....” Nude Dude: “That’s what I was texting you about. I hope you don’t feel like I wasted your time.” (Logan says: “Prolly a girlfriend in Canada.”) All I have the energy to write back is a sarcastic “Lucky lady!

I just met someone and I’m going to see where it goes....” I hate this part, but Ginger takes it like a champ: “Talk about the complete opposite response of what I was expecting LOL! Thank you for introducing me to that bar.” And butter dishes, dude. ” Two weeks later, I start deleting all seven dating apps from my phone when I notice that I never went out with anyone from The League.

I was only 23, and our relationship wasn’t exactly healthy.

Despite the front I’d always put on for our families, friends and even for him, I spent most of our time together feeling hurt and stuck in my situation.

“Not now.” But what I really meant was, “Not ever.” A month later, at Christmas, he excitedly handed me a little black velvet jewelry box in front of my parents, and I felt panic envelop me.

I opened it to find two earrings staring back at me.Um, doesn’t “busy with work” mean “not interested”? I’ll be honest—none of those things perfectly match my list of must-haves, but his energy is infectious. For our second date, Ginger and I slip into a chic housewares store where we settle on matching butter dishes.Andrea calls BS (some people are actually just busy, she says), but she does say: “A question I encourage people to ask themselves is ‘Is he available? As we order another round, I ask myself, —pops into my head and I say breathlessly, “Next week? Meanwhile, two weeks after my friend’s reach-out, The Boss e-mails me to suggest we get a drink. (A At a bar down the street, we go halvsies on beers while I get to know more about him.And finally, one day, I just snapped and asked him for a break to figure things out. We made the decision to part ways after I raised my concerns, and I’ve never regretted it or missed him.But in the aftermath, I beat myself up over letting our relationship get to that point in the first place.So when I match with a cute guy on Bumble who writes, “Do you want to go see a Mets game? Points for knowing his lyricists, but I suspect he’s self-conscious about his thinning hair. )While on a quick walk-and-talk coffee date with another Bumble match who is funny but friend-zone material, Nude Dude texts me his latest in a series of feeble attempts at connecting: “How was your day? Met texts me for a second date, but stomach in knots, I text him the truth: “I had so much fun at the game with you, but I really didn’t feel a spark.” He writes back, “No worries—good luck! Met.) Relieved, I get a little tipsy at a friend’s party, and on the cab ride home, I swipe through Bumble with reckless abandon...wake up to 22 matches. “That’s the least skin I think I’ve ever shown you, haha,” he texts. Just when I was starting to think that daily swiping was a huge waste of thumb energy, I go to a friend’s patio to drown my sorrows in Bud Light and burgers. But I do know there was light arm touching (an Emma suggestion), followed by a ferocious make-out.

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