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Wild silks are usually harvested after the moths have left the cocoons, cutting the threads in the process, so that there is not one long thread, as with domesticated silkworms.

Wild silks are more difficult to bleach and dye than silk from Bombyx mori, but most have naturally attractive colours, particularly the rich golden sheen of the silk produced by the muga silkworm from Assam, often known as Assam silk.

Ketika naksirnya gagal datang ke kafe, dia menjadi semakin khawatir dan menyelinap masuk untuk memeriksanya dan men culiknya.

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The silk is extremely durable, but cannot be easily reeled off the cocoon and is thus spun like cotton or wool.

Wild silk threads have been found and identified from two Indus River sites, Harappa and Chanhu-daro, dating to c. This is roughly the same period as the earliest evidence of silk use in China, which is generally thought to have had the oldest silk industry in the world.

In 2015, Adarsh Gupta K of Nagaraju's research team at Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad, India discovered the complete sequence and the protein structure of Muga Silk Fibroin and published it in Nature (journal) Scientific Reports The eri silk worm from India feeds on the leaves of the castor plant.

It is the only completely domesticated silkworm other than Bombyx mori.

The specimens of threads from Harappa appear on Scanning electron microscope analysis to be from two different species of silk moth, Antheraea mylitta and A.

assamensis, while the silk from Chanhu-daro may be from a Philosamia species, (Eri silk), and this silk appears to have been reeled. Moreover, the Chinese were aware of their use in the Roman Empire and apparently imported goods made from them by the time of the Later Han Dynasty in the 1st to 3rd centuries CE.

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The estimated annual production of tasar silk is 130 tonnes.

Production of other types of silk exceeds 10 000 tonnes (Gupta 1994).

The cocoon shells of wild silk moths are toughened or stabilized either by tanning (cross-linking) or by mineral reinforcements (e.g. India produces four kinds of silk: mulberry, tasar, muga and eri.

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