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) they run from something bad to what seems better to the teenage brain. My education about the issue led me to serve on the board, then become a staff member of Traffick911, a non-governmental agency dedicated to freeing youth from sex trafficking.

We work in three ways to create change in this hidden injury to youth: Prevention – We educate and bring awareness to thousands of adults, parents, and youth each year on the realities of sex trafficking and how pornography primes the demand for sex buying.

if you have one you’d like to share anonymously with us, we’d love to hear it. You’ll soon find out why they’re really here and it will either be because they’re running away from something, China in their eyes is a giant juicy dumpling made of sexually-repressed Chinese girls and opportunities to make mad money, they’re aimless ambition-less hippies ‘teaching’ English and ‘seeing the world’ or they’re students. Secondly, you would do well to adhere to a tier system when it comes to date locations. Haven’t decided how much you like them or how much Chinglish you can stomach?

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Except then the whole world would be laughing at me not with me instead of just the half dozen friends I confide in.

For a good while it looked as though I was going for twelve month-long relationships in a year but it’s just that the space between one-night stands and serious relationships has a great deal of gravity here.

As much as I preferred to steer clear of such a dark issue, it was a matter of social justice I couldn’t ignore once I learned of it. Sex trafficking generally stays out of sight because “the merchandise” is often marketed on the Internet and “the date” is confirmed via text messages or phone calls.

But according to federal law, a minor under the age of 17 is considered a victim of sex trafficking when involved in a commercial sex act, stripping, or appearing in pornography. Social media becomes a place where youth share their heartaches and burdens.

Talk about the loss of control over your own life and dreams would feel like.

Model compassion and understanding for victims with your children. Monitor online and mobile phone use and online relationships by your children and each other.

By shining light, this slavery is no longer hidden.

Identification – Through Juvenile Detention Outreach, Internet Surveillance teams, and the training of first responders and professionals, we identify hundreds of trafficking survivors and provide law enforcement with viable leads to pursue the traffickers.

Empowerment – We provide trauma-informed case management, advocates for wrap-around services like counseling, educational catch-up, and life skills, and walk with survivors for the long journey to wholeheartedness.

Consistency of relationship without judgment is needed and welcomed by injured souls.

But know that the minute you do, the rumour mill will be a buzz with Ningbo’s residents adjusting their mental map of the city’s sexual network.

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