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Now, this is a critique frequently made by social conservatives, who suggest that virtue is a necessity to preserve freedom, and that Judeo-Christian values and communities that spring from those values must be the underpinning of capitalism. It merely redistributes them: all relationships are now reduced down to numbers, and if those numbers don’t fit, people are made to fit the numbers.

If alienation is the product of capitalism, then subjugation is the product of socialism.

Capitalism is an ideology that is far more encompassing than it admits, and one that turns every relationship into a calculable exchange.

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(No, Sweden and Denmark aren’t socialist countries — they’re capitalist countries with redistributionist tendencies.) Because, says Bruenig, the ills of our society are almost entirely the result of capitalism.

She excoriates Andrew Sullivan of New York Magazine for embracing capitalism while lamenting the rise of nationalism. According to Bruenig, capitalism “encourages and requires fierce individualism, self-interested disregard for the other, and resentment of arrangements into which one deposits more than he or she withdraws. And even the most ardent capitalists, like Ayn Rand, forcibly reject the idea that we should resent voluntary economic arrangements — in fact, believers in free markets see such resentment as the root of socialism, not capitalism.

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On Tuesday, The Washington Post ran an op-ed from Elizabeth Bruenig touting the possibilities of a new economic system in the United States: socialism.

You cannot decommodify labor, because labor is by its nature a commodity — it is a tradeable good to be bought and sold.

And capitalism may create inequality, but it also creates prosperity for everyone, including those on the bottom end of the economic spectrum.

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