Vray error unhandled exception updating

You can upgrade to higher service packs to get this message less often but it still occurs even within 5.1.5.

Here are a number of causes and potential resolutions. Part of the Business Objects NT profile becoming corrupt.

Mostly this is solved by deleting the existing universe from the C:\ drive and then forcing and import.

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Don't forget about Tools/Universe - you can try and force an import from here. Occasionally, one of those dlls is a duff version - try tracking that down. Miscellaneous resolutions Try a full reinstallation of BO. deinstall, make sure no trace of files, folders and registry entries before reinstalling. CURRENT_USER registry (1.) by asking the user whether a co-worker, logging-into BO with a different BO account (on the same machine), experiences the same error.

Also, could have problems with duplicate version of dlls, same file, e.g. Reduce the graphics acceleration level via control panel - not a problem on this site, but worth knowing about. I would like to put it the other way round though, from a support perspective; when a user reports the Unhandled Exception, my heuristic is to first ask whether the error happens when refreshing reports from a particular universe only, in case of which cause and resolution 3. If the user-account doesn't matter either, then I would go for the other causes (wrong dll, old machine, huge report).

But now things are getting worser, since we faced an upgrade to SP6 (Business Objects 5.1.6, Web Intelligence 2.7.2).

When our users try to edit the existing reports (made with the 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 versions) using ZABO clients through a new BO SP6 server they always get the UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ERROR in cube50

If we try to edit / refresh documents with the full client in both SP3 and SP6 versions everything works fine, so I asume the problem may be related to the Zabo SP6 server.

We opened a case with Official Business Objects Support and the only answer that we got is that there may be some kind of incompatibility between SP3 and SP6, and suggested to open and save the reports with other name (didn't work) or get them all redone in the newer version (really madness, since we have lots of legacy reports). Any advice would be really appreciated, i'm afraid we will have to abort the upgrade and stay in BO SP3.Tidy up the report, remove unused variables, formulas as well as objects from the different queries.Encourage the user to purge the report, so when they pick it up next time the PC doesn't use much resource opening it.It gives a list of whole bunch of dlls (may not necessarily be the same every time the error occurs, but they are around 10-12 in all), and tracking each one of them down will be a pain.Is there a quick fix like just copying those dll's from another machine onto this machine and registering them? YES Meanwhile the designer modified this report and published as test version. Us or anyone in ZABO gets the Unhandled Exception or a connection error DA0004 or even sometimes it hurts so bad that BO just quits, FLASH with no message.Sound them out on scheduling the report and getting the final result sent to them. Importing universes Another reason for C0000005 is a bug specific to the version of BO we have, 5.1.2. Basically, each changed version of the universe has a counter which is incremented each time you save and export.

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