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64Mb - this should ring alarm bells) is trying to open a 'large' report - sometimes as little as a couple of Mb. In fact, the refreshing completes and you see the message 'Disconnecting...'.

When USERNAME signs on to BO again, the key is recreated with the correct values. This is BO, signing out from the database which it has been getting data from - normally you wouldn't see this unless BO is going slow.

Our Server: Windows 2000 Server SP2 Our Data Base: Oracle 8.1.7 (repository and data) Our Clients: Windows 2000 Professional SP2 We are at 5.1.4 and I stopped installing 5.1.6 for the reasons I stated below.

There was also the issue of the change in the way corporate documents are read (between 5.1.4 and 5.1.5) and I felt if I was going to have to make that concerted and long effort to get EVERYONE moved to the new version, it would be better to wait until sometime in version 6. We had a 5.1.6 report with 6 queries and a VBA macro.

Mostly this is solved by deleting the existing universe from the C:\ drive and then forcing and import.

There is a fix (which I have never got to work) which is to import and export twice. An old or corrupt dll If you look at the information given when you get the unhandled exception error there is a bit of hex and references to a bunch of dlls.

(Du du du du, du du du du: "You have now entered...Twilight Zone".) I have encountered this problem a couple of times, and both times the only changes I had been making to the up-til-then functioning universe was editing or creating just a few universe objects. Hi there, Thanks for all your comments about the annoying UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ERROR.

As I analyzed what I had been doing just before the problem occurred, the only thing that stood out was that I had been making rapid and/or multiple changes to objects; for example, both changing an object's format style and at the same time deleting an existing style from the list displayed. When I deleted these recently-edited objects, , and then recreated the objects from scratch, VOILA! So now I make it a habit to make object changes more slowly and save them often, hoping this will help pre-empt the problem. We also have experienced this situation in both Business Objects 5.1.2 and 5.1.3, and in most cases deleting the universes from c:\ or letting the client machine using more swap memory fixed the problem.Don't forget about Tools/Universe - you can try and force an import from here. Occasionally, one of those dlls is a duff version - try tracking that down. Miscellaneous resolutions Try a full reinstallation of BO. deinstall, make sure no trace of files, folders and registry entries before reinstalling. CURRENT_USER registry (1.) by asking the user whether a co-worker, logging-into BO with a different BO account (on the same machine), experiences the same error.Also, could have problems with duplicate version of dlls, same file, e.g. Reduce the graphics acceleration level via control panel - not a problem on this site, but worth knowing about. I would like to put it the other way round though, from a support perspective; when a user reports the Unhandled Exception, my heuristic is to first ask whether the error happens when refreshing reports from a particular universe only, in case of which cause and resolution 3. If the user-account doesn't matter either, then I would go for the other causes (wrong dll, old machine, huge report).Compare this information to that of the same dll on a machine that works? When does the error occur exactly, as resolution 4 is quite a rare one...?cheers, Nick Nick, The error occurs when the user tries to open any document on his machine or from the repository.But now things are getting worser, since we faced an upgrade to SP6 (Business Objects 5.1.6, Web Intelligence 2.7.2).

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