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I started dating a Virgo we're supposed to be a perfect match. Mean while he leave with him mom not in the best condition and never allowed me to see his bedroom.I peaked without his notice and he had slept in a twin bed with cartoon blanket.That's so typical, virgo men will always blame everyone else, it's never their fault. Yes, Virgos do tend to have nostrils bigger than average, a strange and ugly trait, which is NO EXCUSE in sporting those nasty little bushes sprouting from each nostril. The average idiot Virgo male will spend so much time on his wardrobe and then have the nerve to go about his day offending everyone with this rotten teeth! The average idiot Virgo male will clean his house for an eternity and still have unremovable wine stains on his white carpet .. They work very hard at getting things half done but are not happy unless something is amiss. These idiot men basically are short circuited in the strangest way as opposed to normal guys. The more a woman loves and tries to understand a Virgo man the worse he will treat her and take advantage of her.

Virgo dating virgo 502 dating

pointed out and exposed him for what a scheming lying toerag he really was and what did he do? and all the other Virgos who are making all you women feel the way you do.. I have been in a relationship with one for 3 years. He often complains of having a 'headache' so most of the time we do not even get that far. Having a relationship with him has been the biggest mistake of my life! Yah right I mean the machine here is the VIRGO MAN. i could cry with relief at reading ur comments,i thought i was imagining things, being cruel.

Who the hell do they think they are, treating people in this cold clinical detached manner We all have feelings and get hurt and need our ' alone ' time, but not all of us treat people in such a disgraceful manner.. and you're all worthy of much more respect where is your self respect girls? At first he seemed so kind,caring,sweet and thoughtful. gave up the life I had and moved 1,000 miles away from hometown just to be with him. Well, shortly after living with here his true colors were revealed. (gentlemen tell me I am pretty often, but he won't say it.) He's quick to criticize me though! When I mention something he does wrong he gets very hurt and becomes frigid,like a block of ice. i have been seeing a Virgo man for 3 months and what u have described is exactly how i felt he behaved. cool detached robotic sex, im an Aries btw, i always felt he didn't kiss properly but thought it was just him but after reading the lady's comment bout"cant kiss properly" i know its not.there is more passion in my toenail than in him. we made love the 1st time, after, he scurried of to the bathroom to get towels to clean up the mess!!!!

Virgo doesn't look for someone for a night stand....

Lol..a "material." Russ Lee from Lincoln in England is your classic Virgo..

yes they lie, cheat, try and convince you that you're the problematic issue and underneath all the bravado lies a lonely loner who likes to keep secrets because it makes them feel superior and different from others, simply because they dont like to be judged ..

trying to be flawless to Virgo's is important to them but running away when they dont want someone to know something makes them into a living Wimp ... You will feel like as if you are stuck with a zombie. His lack of passion and intensity brings everything down.yah your mood too.

Normal on the outside and then you get to know them! Addictions, fascination with pornography and the constant underlying hatred of women.

Other signs of the zodiac MIGHT have these tendencies, however, the Virgo man WILL definately have them.

I believe if someone asked him, he can lie as other signs as well. It is just shameful to the questioner-a nosy people. As I'm a Virgo- a young lady cusp of Libra wants to clarify for the fairness of being criticize someone.

No one perfects without practicing and everyone is unique and different.

I tried to end as friend but he got rude and rejected talking to me even asked me to stop going to the church we normally went together for the past 15 months. He got disrespectful in the church said for me to go on with my life. And for once stop blaming others for your failing relationships, I am a Virgo guy, married to a libra woman for slightly over 9 years and soon going to be a father of 4th child now; sure we had ups and down, but I never blamed her being libra the root cause for any potential argument, Oh as a Virgo , yes I watched porn,... THEY ARE DEVOID OF EMOTIONAL CLOSURE, EMPATHY AND AFFECTION , THE CONTROL ISSUES STARTS WHEN YOU FALL COMPLETELY FOR THEM.

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