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It is common for Venezuelans to express their feelings; it does not matter where they are.

Canadians may also be surprised by the Venezuelan propensity to maintain direct eye contact when passing by strangers and the common use of loud ’hisses’ in order to flag down friends, acquaintances or waiters.

The pursing of ones lips is also a common gesture used to point in a specific direction or to particular persons or objects.

Usually Venezuelans are direct when they want you to know their ideas and points of view.

Personal space does not play a significant role in Venezuelan society.

In general, when meeting someone, Venezuelans expect a polite introduction (e.g. Some Venezuelans take this theme very seriously, and the reaction could be unexpected.

Venezuelan men like a strong handshake; it is a way to express trust to the other person. For conversation topics, Venezuelans like to talk about family, work, hobbies, sports, past experiences, vacations, etc. One topic that people should avoid discussing is politics.Moreover, keeping eye contact during a conversation will create an atmosphere of trust.Touching should not be considered at the first contact.They are also very proud of their own country and a display of interest in Venezuela’s history, natural beauty and culture is the best way to break into a conversation.Politics is an often discussed, yet controversial topic.It tells us that the other person appreciates the relationship, and it is a vote of trust. In a social context and after you meet them for the first time, it is customary to give women a kiss on one cheek when greeting them.

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