Venezuela dating culture backdating the

Most Venezuelans are very eager to debate the country’s political and economic situation.

However, given the high level of social polarization, visitors should approach the subject delicately and refrain from expressing explicit opinions until they are familiar with their host’s stand on the issue.

Canadians may also be surprised by the Venezuelan propensity to maintain direct eye contact when passing by strangers and the common use of loud ’hisses’ in order to flag down friends, acquaintances or waiters.

The pursing of ones lips is also a common gesture used to point in a specific direction or to particular persons or objects.

Usually Venezuelans are direct when they want you to know their ideas and points of view.

Personal space does not play a significant role in Venezuelan society.

When shopping, Canadians may feel compelled to respond to the, often repeated, question "a la orden?

" Meaning, "at your service", this expression does not necessitate a response and is simply a way for the store clerk to indicate his or her presence.However, in Venezuelan society such nicknames are considered to be terms of endearment and should not be taken personally.Venezuelan people have a mix of habits, backgrounds and behaviours that vary from different regions.Most of the time, Venezuelans like making jokes when meeting someone.It is a notorious characteristic of the Venezuelans.There are other gestures and facial expressions that could be considered offensive or impolite like making gestures with the lips, showing the erect middle finger or giving someone your back when he/she is speaking.

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