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Before Vashtie began carving out her space on social media, she was a Trinidadian tomboy running with the guys in upstate New York.

Boots, £385, Billionaire Boys Club x Mark Mc Nairy at Harrods.

Williams may be a slight 5ft 9in, but he’s a huge star who is, according to , worth around £48.5 million.

He admits that his parents also had youthful appearance.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Vashtie and discuss her hopes for ...

While in the city, she made it a point to create relationships and work for popular clothing brands like Supreme.

Later, she established herself as a leading creative in style and art, helping design custom headphones with Beats By Dre and serving as the creative director of the fashion brand Billionaire Boys Club.That girl who prefered to be behind the scenes, rather than clamoring for the spotlight.The difference, however, is the curly-haired girl sitting before me in a furry, pink crop top and black slacks now understands the power of being front and center."I hate wasting time so I like to do a lot of things at once."As her growing list of profitable talents continues to expand, so does her following.For a woman who strives to keep it real, it's odd to see her thrive using a tool like social media.artist and Downtown's most-known sweetheart, Vashtie Kola.

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