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To determine your compatibility with someone, open the PDF by clicking here.

Read the bolded words along with the questions in each box.

Marriage especially is not just a physical contract but it is a spiritual covenant which God ordained.

Therefore it’s important to make the correct Biblical choices when it comes to the issue of dating and marriage.

1 Corinthians says According to 1 Corinthians it is a deception to believe that a Christian can be in a binding relationship with an unbeliever and not be affected.

When a Christian dates or marries an unbeliever the results might likely become negative.

When one single woman compared her core values with the guy she was dating, she told me, Like this single woman came to understand, compatibility doesn’t only refer to the fact that you both are Christians or that you both love to ski and dance.

What creates a great relationship is that you both share a vision and your values aren’t in direct conflict.

This exercise can lead to some very interesting discussions as you reflect on how another person’s list stacks up against yours.

Keep in mind that what is important to you will guide and impact the choices you make every day.

If you aren’t sure whether your values clash with the one another, be willing to pray about it and seek godly counsel.

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