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If friendship and a commitment to Christ are most important to you, and the person you are dating values wealth, fame, and power, you will face real conflicts in the future.

Our values ultimately make or break our relationships.

Pick your top five (the words that reflect what you value most).

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Marriage especially is not just a physical contract but it is a spiritual covenant which God ordained.

Therefore it’s important to make the correct Biblical choices when it comes to the issue of dating and marriage.

I’m also not saying your list has to be identical to the person you’re dating because it doesn’t.

Sometimes it can be enlightening to hear other people’s reasons as to why they chose the values they did.

One of the women brought along a deck of cards with core values.

Someone in her family had used them in a group exercise at work, and she thought it would be fun and helpful.Each card contained a word like beauty, fun, knowledge, or wisdom.The idea was to read through the stack of cards and pick the ten cards that best represent your core values (what’s most important to you.). Although we both had family on our top five, I knew that at our ages (over 45), he meant his family (daughter, grandchildren, parents and siblings) and likewise, I meant my son, my mother and aunt.Then you were to narrow the list down to your five most important core values. The bigger problem was that the most important value to me (faith) wasn’t even in his top five.That night my five choices were: I looked at his list. This realization led to the demise of our relationship.I learned our values can ultimately make or break our relationships I’m not suggesting that you use this list to jump to any major conclusions.

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