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Negative aspects included trauma betrayal, shame, narcissistic self harm, rageful anger and moral doubt. To them I express my sincere gratitude for the trust they have placed in me to interpret their „lived‟ experiences with respect and sensitivity.The positive domains of empathy, love, humility and gratitude, aspects of posttraumatic growth that are not captured by existing standardised psychometric tools of growth, assisted meaning making for redefining lives over time. The humility of shameful growth: Decades of betrayal following the Vietnam War. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. These are passionately and intensely lived lives that have paid a price for giving.

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e Harmony has proven itself to be a strong and reputable Christian owned company that won t be going anywhere anytime soon.

It seeks the insider‟s perspective through a process of iterative interpretative activity.

Data from semi-structured interviews revealed both negative and positive interpretations. Vicarious growth in wives of Vietnam veterans: A phenomenological investigation into decades of 'lived' experience. v Acknowledgements I am indebted to the men and women of this study whose support and willingness to share their narratives has made this thesis possible.

A strong altruistic identity is committed to assisting those in need despite the risk of personal threat or cost. Without Stephen Joseph‟s enormous capacity for generating excellence, his persistence and tenacity against my confronting naïveté, his unrelenting eye for ferreting out mediocrity, his willingness to argue and debate beyond the hours of duty, and his acceptance of friendship and equality, this daunting task would not have been the stimulating and exciting adventure it has become.

It also has the reciprocal benefit of developing personal and social wellbeing in the giver. Though his anguish at my determination to do it my way was palpable at times, I thank him for his unstinting faith in me and not so gentle redirection when necessary.

For the participants of this thesis, the growthful domains of love, empathy, gratitude and humility, all aspects of an altruistic identity, appeared to generate renewed moral integrity and self reparation for psychological growth. Sustaining a Positive Altruistic Identity (AI) following humanitarian aid missions: A qualitative case study. Similarly, my second supervisor, Martin Hagger, has been there to encourage, guide, and mould my wayward lexicon and contribute to invigorating debate without demolishing my ego.

iv Publication Status of Chapters The following chapters are based on manuscripts that have arisen from this thesis and have either been published or are under review for publication. I am also grateful to the unknown journal reviewers who have contributed to my developing skills in academic investigation and writing for publication.

culture - biology the growing of microorganisms in a nutrient medium such as gelatin or agar ; the culture of cells in a Petri dish .

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They have suffered the earlier drafts with curiosity, gave praise when less than due, stimulated tangents of thought and debate, and shared my excitement at small academic successes.

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