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In the absence of more specific information, one of the reference types can be chosen according to the chemical form of the radionuclide.

For example, insoluble oxides of Pu are commonly modelled by Type S (ICRP 1994b).

Moreover, this work provides estimates of the variability in pulmonary absorption and, therefore, facilitates analyses of the uncertainties associated with assessments, either from bioassay measurements or from prospective calculations, of intake and dose.

Plutonium (Pu) compounds are widely used as fuel in the nuclear power industry, for thermo-electric power sources of satellites and for military applications.

However, the choice of absorption type can dramatically influence the estimation of the dose from a given inhaled activity.

For example, assuming an activity median aerodynamic diameter (AMAD) of 5 µm, the committed effective dose per unit intake (DPUI) varies from 8.4 × 10 for a Type F.

In order to optimise the monitoring of potentially exposed workers, it is desirable to determine specific values of absorption for the compounds handled.

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