Updating subclipse

Eclipse displays the folders in the Subclipse repository (see Figure 10).

updating subclipse-16

We’ll use this to add the Subclipse update site to the list.

Enter whatever you want for the Name ( (the current Subclipse update site).

Check Subclipse (you can click the disclosure triangle to see what exactly is included in this feature), then click Next to view the feature’s license terms.

Accept the terms, then click Next to review the features you’ve chosen to install. The update manager downloads the Subversion components.

Choose Checkout Projects from SVN, then click Next.

On the Select/Create Location panel (see Figure 8), we need to create a new location (since we don’t have any configured yet), so click Next to continue.To download these changes and integrate them with your local copies, you need to update the project.Right-click on the project you want to update, then choose Team Update from the menu.I’m going to put my projects directly in the root of the repository.Other repositories often have folders named trunk, tags, and branches off the root, for development versions, tags, and branches, but I don’t expect to need to worry about tagging or branching the developer Works article code.Click OK to add the Subclipse update site to the list in the update manager.

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