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I downloaded the correct update file and transferred the SAL2A217. I followed the on screen instructions to apply the update.

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Plug it into your Blu-ray player and follow the operating manual instructions for applying firmware updates.

At the time of this writing the operating manual for the HP-BD20U is available here.

Sharp makes the most current version of the firmware available for free on its website.

Go to the Sharp Product Downloads page, use the drop-down menus to select the model of your TV and click the “Search” button.

Sharp distributes the firmware update as a ZIP archive.

After you download and unpack it you will have a file with a .

Had a 2GB USB flash drive, formatted it as FAT32, and that didn't work. Then FAT12 and still couldn't get the TV to read the update.

They talked me through the updating process and when it failed they recommended a Sharp dealer to come in. Just had a ton of "fun" getting my 40" Sharp Aquos updated.

Even their FAQ support site makes no mention of this critical detail when applying updates to the TV.

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