Updating sharp aquos software

Had a 2GB USB flash drive, formatted it as FAT32, and that didn't work. Then FAT12 and still couldn't get the TV to read the update.

Updating sharp aquos software

I proceeded to follow the instructions but I never saw any indication that the TV was actually applying the update. I even called Sharp tech support and they walked me through another diagnostic process, then had me apply the firmware update again, no luck !!! USB firmware updates can only be applied with a USB stick formatted as FAT16 and NOT FAT32.

I think their software inside the TV is broken and never did work. The first contact I had with Tech support told me it needed to be FAT32, which got me going down the wrong path.

Firmware updates for popular Sharp Aquos models (LC-60LE650U, LC-60SQ15U and LC-70UD1U) can be installed either via a wireless Internet connection or through a connected thumb drive with the firmware update on it.

The time it takes to install the firmware update on your Sharp Aquos TV depends on the size of the update and the speed of your Internet connection.

Even their FAQ support site makes no mention of this critical detail when applying updates to the TV.

Sharp Aquos TV firmware updates can improve the performance of your TV, add functionality or fix problems with the TV that weren't discovered by the manufacturer until after the TV was put into production.Updating the firmware on a Sharp BD-HP20U Blu-ray player using a USB stick and a Mac was not entirely straightforward for me.The process is a bit brittle, so I’m documenting it in the hopes that I (and others) won’t waste so much time dealing with it next time around. I downloaded the correct update file and transferred the SAL2A217. I followed the on screen instructions to apply the update.The TV was able to identify the file on the USB stick.My USB stick, formatted to FAT32 with the required firmware version D64UA120.uvp, does nothing after the "checking" message finishes and I say yes to apply upgrade. I heard it takes a long time but..........is sooooo painful.

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