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Hi all, I recently purchased a Samsung galaxy s2 phone and surprisingly the Wifi Calling feature for tmob was no on it even though it was on the site when I purchased it.

updating rogers nokia 7510 phone-11

But, still having issues with the SIM compatibility.

I will post again once everything is up an running.

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It should show the name even if you have it in your contacts as 7, 10, 1 10 or 1 plus 10. I only have one name associated with one number though.

I even created a test contact with my own number and "asdfasdf" as the name but it still shows the network determined "Jon Smith" when I ring it (Jon Smith is the account name.

For example: A person whose name is registered as Howard Forum on his phone account calls me, it will still display Howard Forum and no number on the incoming Caller ID when he calls...though I added him as "Howie" in my contact list.

Another problem: Sometimes, when some person who IS on my contact list calls me, it wouldn't display his/her name at all..number For example: Person A is entered as Abbie and her number is 416-111-2233 when when she calls me, it just shows the number.

Does anyone know where the setting is to change this? When one of my contacts calls me, the name is not displayed properly, i.e.

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