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Even if I do replicated the rpm db to the managment server I don't see the oprion --dbpath in yum that rpm has so I don't know how to utilized the client rpmdb.

I am stuck and have to have this project done in a couple of days. Oh, and purchasing the Red Hat Satellite Server product from Red Hat is not an option for me.

updating rhel4-23

Running the cron off of the management server will update the YUM repo with the updates available for the packages install on the management server which may not contain the update for the optional package installed on the client. Each client is configured to query the respoistory for any updates, from the management server. I can't really see the problem, could you elaborate please?

A fresh install of RHEL on a client will contain subset of all of the packages installed on the management server.

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The difficulty is the clients may have an optional package installed. What you *should* end up with is all the packages for RHEL in the repository on the management server (whether they are installed on the management server or not).

Now the clinet has a package installed that is not also installed on the management server.

The management server then will not be downloading and staging the updates for that special package.Not a solution but a workaround would be to "remember" to install that special package on the mangement server.Ideally I would like to automate the creation of a superset RPMDB that contains aall of the packages installed throughout our RHEL enterprise.Check the kernel version of your Linux / Ubuntu / Cent OS server by following our tutorial.Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat and targeted toward the commercial market.I have created an install server/yum update server one a centralized RHEL5 Server (5.1, kernel 2.6.18-53.1.13) I am using apache2 on the server and http on the clients for both installing and updating.

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