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Unfortunately, in many enterprises, these policies are still stuck in 2005 rather than being the kind of guiding principles they need to be in 2014.

Updating of security procedures Cartoon sex chats

and provided some basic principles for developing solid security policies.

This blog post builds upon the foundation of security policies and discusses the importance of security procedures and how they fit into your overall security documentation library.

Below are a few principles to keep in mind of when drafting (or reviewing existing) security procedures.

Security procedures are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to implement, enable, or enforce security controls as enumerated from your organization’s security policies.

Geoff is the VP of Marketing for Compass IT Compliance.

In this role, Geoff is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of all Marketing related activities.Until just a few years ago, smartphones, tablets, and similar devices were viewed as tangential technologies in the corporate enterprise.People used them only for a limited range of applications, and only periodically.Now, it's also about protecting interfaces that can affect the physical environment.While policies are usually great when it comes to addressing information security, very few organizations have considered the ramifications of how the Internet of Things can affect their enterprise.If you're in one of those organizations, congratulations; you'll likely find lots of validation of your policies in Mike Scheu's "Information Security Policy for Users (Not Auditors)" presentation at RSA 2014.

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