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I have already installed the lastest amd gpu drivers (17.2.10) but the issue keeps repeating. i've already done a gpu clean install of the drivers.Evening all, I just noticed that ANZ Money Manager is shutting down on the 31st July 2016. I looked prior to this year and I never found anything that I liked Cheers 1. I believe they use Yodlee as the service provider for the financial website connectors (works with all my UK accounts fine as well, even my mortgage), but Yodlee never offered a consumer service outside the US.

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Instead of sleeping a thread you can post your results in bunches: It seems like my UI was getting upadated very frequently so I have used a delay of 1 second on my background worker thread.

Hi there - as of about a month ago my outlook (2016) has stopped updating my hotmail inbox my hotmail account is showing as outlook mail so i presume its been migrated but having looked online i am unclear as to how to update my account details so that i can view my emails in outlook - i can select 'Add Account ' but when i put in my address it says that this account has already been added Do i have to set up a need to convert my address to an 'outlook.com' address ?

So far in my search for alternate solution if Money Manager goes I've drawn a blank.

Absolutely, my records go back to 2010, so am in the process of printing a lot of info that could be of relevance down the track in case 31 July becomes real.

It looks good but is very transaction and budget oriented.

I've been playing with Wave Personal but can't get it to show net worth and can't see how it will handle property values.

HOWEVERas has been mentioned a few posts back, the notice of the closing of the service has disappeared ....!! I sent a note expressing my sadness at the original advice. I've got Firstmac, TMBank, Bank Australia and AMEX, all of which I was able to add in the ANZ money manager, though none of which seem to be in Pocketbook. if the net worth functionality is what you are after you can try myprosperity.

It doesnt do the PFM part particularly well (eg transaction categorisation), but it allows you to aggregate cash accounts, shares, managed funds, property for a net worth view.

Business Intelligence guy here with enough C# under my belt to be dangerous.

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