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Single Player Improvements: 1) Campaign map stability improved. 11) Removed the ability to build more than one of certain unique buildings in your provinces.Was possible to build, for instance, 2 Grand Mosques at the same time. 13) Multiple famines in the same region no longer occur. 15) "Loyalty traffic light" is now always up to date.30) When "Show computer moves" is on (and by pressing End Turn) the computer moves will now be shown.

10) In MP in the French language version only 'M' is to talk to everyone.

Compatibility 1) Millennium G400 - Graphic corruption beneath the arrow cursor in the single player game (when navigating the map)/gray horizontal line that shows up on the screen fixed. 4) Artillery is now working when cycled as reinforcements. 6) The header text no longer overlaps the text in the 'could not uncover secret vice message' when attempting to uncover a secret vice of a general with a spy. 8) The brother of a king now gets a "son matures" event generated for him if he doesn't come of age before the succession (of his older brother).

Edit: We have received word that the Shield issue WILL be addressed in update 2.

:-) Released 4 September 2007 Medieval II: Total War v1.3 contains the following changes: Core Medieval II settlement data updated to function correctly with Medieval II: Kingdoms.

This thread is a user-based effort and the patches have been gathered from various sources around the realm of the Internet.

Here are a list of feature changes that have been added: 1) Enabled console commands added on MP menus (excluding LAN).

The commands are: #ignore - to ignore all chat from that player #unignore - to see their chat again #kick - to kick a player from the lobby of your game (host only) #ban - to stop that player joining any game you host #unban - to allow a previously banned player to join any game you host #afk - to tell people you're away from your keyboard 2) Messages added to report players hosting games, joining or leaving rooms.

3) Added 'z' and 'x' to switch off drawing certain types on the campaign map.

16) Mode to mode hang bug - caused by attempting tutorial after starting campaign game is fixed.

17) Mode to mode hang bug - caused by attempting campaign after starting tutorial is fixed.

2) Millennium G400 - When the player is loading into the 2D campaign map and hits the 'ESC' key for any reason, the game will now no longer show the red load bar and the map at the same time. 9) Fleets escaping from a sea battle do so at their own speed.

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