Updating leopard

An amazing 29% of computers across the globe are still running Windows XP, according to Net Market Share.

Comparatively, just over 1% of the world's PCs are running Snow Leopard.

Combo updates are standalone installers for Mac OS X system updates, available for download from the official Apple website.

While most of these updates are relatively harmless, every new version of Mac OS X has to potential to cause new problems with your hardware. UPDATE (December 6, 2015): This guide is aimed at Hackintoshes that use Chimera or Chameleon bootloader to run Mac OS X.

If your Hackintosh runs OS X 10.11 (aka "El Capitan") or newer, it most likely uses Clover bootloader, which allows you to simply update OS X from the Mac App Store with relatively little trouble.

For instance, if you're looking for the combo update to Mac OS X 10.8.4, simply search "10.8.4 combo update".

The official page from Apple tends to be the first search result.

Once you have reinstalled the appropriate drivers (whether through Multibeast or anything else), you can restart Mac OS X.

The Snow Leopard operating system, released in 2009 remains popular.

First and foremost, you need to do your research every time you update Mac OS X on a Hackintosh.

Unless you have backed up your entire hard drive, you should never install a major Mac OS X system update on the first day of its release.

After installing the combo update, you'll need to reinstall these drivers.

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