Updating instantes

Although this option can be useful, adding this constraint can lower the chances that your Spot Instance request is fulfilled.

Open the directory that the file is in and look for "" Then search for the word "fail." In my case there was a line showing WP_[something] as "Installed." I searched for the WP_ item and came across some blog posts about trouble uninstalling Windows Phone toolkits.

When I attempted to uninstall the windows phone I ran into more trouble.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

The request can include the maximum price that you are willing to pay per hour per instance (the default is the On-Demand price), and other constraints such as the instance type and Availability Zone.

The uninstaller wanted to install three packages instead of uninstalling the toolkit.

Eventually found this blog post: to this XNA cleanup tool: You can't stop and start an Amazon EBS-backed instance if it is a Spot Instance (only the Spot service can stop and start a Spot Instance), but you can reboot or terminate a Spot Instance.Specify a launch group in your Spot Instance request to tell Amazon EC2 to launch a set of Spot Instances only if it can launch them all.Amazon EC2 can interrupt your Spot Instance when the Spot price exceeds your maximum price, when the demand for Spot Instances rises, or when the supply of Spot Instances decreases.When Amazon EC2 interrupts a Spot Instance, it provides a Spot Instance interruption notice, which gives the instance a two-minute warning before Amazon EC2 interrupts it.If Amazon EC2 must interrupt one of the instances in an Availability Zone group, the others remain running.

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