Updating hp media smart server memory dating a gibson

Granted, you could spend a great deal more, but how much you want to spend and how deep you go is up to you.This depends on the route you choose and the processor you select.

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OK, now that we have satisfied the lawyers out there lets move on…

The HP Media Smart Server EX48X series (EX485 & EX487) are the second generation servers in the Media Smart Server line, released as the successor to the EX470 and EX475.

The E5200’s are readily available both new and used from many sources.

E5200 processors are also used in the third generation of the Media Smart Server.

Safe to say, if you take the cover off you have probably voided the warranty.

If you do not feel comfortable with disassembly, modifications, handling electronics parts, software configuration or are not familiar with electrostatic procedures, you should stop here and get help.

I will try to sort through some of the technical jargon and issues that can make this process complicated.

While the scope of this article will toward the E5200 CPU that has been extensively tested, it will also list other CPU designations reported to work for your consideration.

In the case of our target processor, the E5200, there are three s Spec versions using 2 stepping models, M0 and R0. This information is important because it is necessary to know how to identify and select s Spec for a given CPU, and also to select the one that will work best for our application.

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