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It contains 5 characters (SLAY7, for example) stamped on top of the processor and printed on the box to identify it.

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Safe to say, if you take the cover off you have probably voided the warranty.

If you do not feel comfortable with disassembly, modifications, handling electronics parts, software configuration or are not familiar with electrostatic procedures, you should stop here and get help.

The EX485/7 come provisioned with an Intel Celeron 440, single-core 2Ghz processor.

This was an upgrade over the less powerful AMD cores used in the 470 series.

Depending on your level of expertise you might find some topics interesting or boring, but they’re listed here regardless of your abilities.

Some useful tips have been included and some very useful links have been placed in the reference sections at the end of the article. The author of the article assumes no responsibility for “bricking” “smoking” or voiding the warranty of your MSS as a result of your action.Let’s talk a little about what this s Spec code is all about.(I will cover the E5200 s Spec SLB9T later in the article). The s Spec number is also known as the specification number and stepping code.Some of these processors have higher clock rates, larger cache sizes, and advanced technologies, some of which will be taken advantage of.For a CPU to be utilized for optimum performance, the motherboard and chipset must contain the information to accommodate the processors abilities and operating parameters. BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a set of instructions and parameters that CPU uses to bootstrap or begin startup.Which Intel CPU should I use and how this choice affects BIOS settings: Many have mentioned having some success with other dual-core Celeron, Pentium, and Xeon units.

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