Updating firmware for k700i

I used the standard form on there website under contact us.

updating firmware for k700i-49updating firmware for k700i-73updating firmware for k700i-33

software version is - R4AB048 With this new update over GPRS system - are you able to tell me if operators will charge regular GPRS costs to download the firmware, or does it go through different channels? I'm on Telstra in Australia, and right now there is really no economical way of using GPRS. 1st it downloads d software to pc.then transfers to cell,which takes more time. It was still telling me I already had the latest software. Also, when I used to turn the phone on there was static/scrambling (coloured blocks) on the screen then the logo and vibrate before going to the activity menu (Start phone/Flight mode).

I did it using the usb cable provided..connection speed is 256kbps and it took me around 30-40mins in total... Not had chance to try the phone out properly (cemera etc) but I noticed that menu scrolling is faster (more responsive) and load up time has been reduced.

Please call our customer care team on 08707267864 quoting your reference number to discuss this issue further.

------------------------------------------------------------ I hope this hasbeen of some assistance to you.

yup, compare to Vodafone's branding, T-mobile is relatively mind and not that ridiculous.

I saw a voda phone screen somewhere but couldn't find it now, they have the vodafone big red "Live" (something like T-zones) everywhere, and the desktop icons are only made of grey, blue, and red color.

If you do have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards Alistair So I have learnt absolutely nothing from this email then.

As soon as they reply Ill post it up here for you to see. This may change in the future and updates would be avalible through our website.

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