Updating firmware for k700i

When i use my symbian phones ive used ultra mp3 ,ogg player,antivirus thats it really because looking thru all the sites handandgo etc most of the apps are phrase books an ereader world clocks and nothing substantial yet in my mind all these items are their on the phone or bought via some posted earlier and this phone has the lot really except push to talk which isnt available where i am (UK)the screen is exceptionally bright even at its lowest setting of 50%,good lithium polymer batt,alarms diaries good camera,video and i find it fairly easy to use after you get used to all it sub menus,its biddy,does not ache my hand because its lite.

According to earlier posts im running the latest s/ware it crashed twice on first day but sure now its my fault just getting used to it its never happened again.

updating firmware for k700i-67

During my searches I understood 3230 may be the best symbian phone currently in the market,consider 1.3 MP camera comared to 6670 or 7610,and almost the same price with 6670.

And as the review in this site says, it's a phone suitable for youth and is full of entertainment. But take it from me, no Nokia phone is bugless and all of them are full of some mistakes and example 3230,6670, and 7610 don't support stereo phonic sound players so the audio quality is not appropriate;if u consider some symbians with stereophonice equipments,u'll find 6630 so ugly, and 6260 so big and with a weak VGA camera. Not only for clips recording duration,or the capacity of the 2MP camera.

As soon as they reply Ill post it up here for you to see. This may change in the future and updates would be avalible through our website.

Currently the only way to update the software is by booking the handset in with one of our authorised engineers, who would also be able to resolve the issue with the dust under the screen.

Is ok to start with, has only crashed once but the phone is everythin i expected and nothing too special, its just k700i with improvements. but theres only one problem, that is the ear speaker of the phone is not that loud enough, and also i wanna know about is firmware..do u have to download firmware for this phone... I have shortlisted my choice to Nokia 6230i or Sonyericsson K750i but in a predicatment position on which is a better phone.

Favourite bit of mine is the SOS signal that the lightt can, will neva use it but hey its cool how's K750i in O2? what i really want to know is whether 02's K750i firmware can be updated or not, since last time people are complaining about its faulty in firmware updating. Please advise on the pro & cons on this 2 models so that I can make the right decision. Dear Saeid, As I told u before; I had some hesitation between Nokia 3230 and SE K750i.

If they do then just upgrade the firmware that fixes the problem.

Well, since your SP is T-Mobile, your phone is for sure branded.

seems like i can only access the external memory but i'm sure it's b/c i missed sth i agree with moe about symbian.

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