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Watch What is Azure Cosmos DB, get started with expert tips, or learn more about what you can do with APIs and connectors.Use Azure Cosmos DB as a globally distributed database for your Azure Table storage-based application, without any code changes, using the Table API.With Azure Cosmos DB, you only pay for the throughput and storage you need.

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expr should evaluate to a set of elements or attributes.

Pure XML feature allows you to store well-formed XML documents in columns of database tables. Data is kept in its native hierarchical form by storing XML data in XML column.

Azure Cosmos DB offers five well-defined consistency levels—strong, bounded staleness, consistent-prefix, session, and eventual—for an intuitive programming model with low latency and high availability for your planet-scale app.

Serve read and write requests from the nearest region while simultaneously distributing data across the globe.

For example, the following query has no visible effect because it operates on an XML node constructed in-memory: When using an update within the return clause of a FLWOR expression, be cautious when deleting or replacing nodes that are still being used by enclosing code.

This is because a delete or replace will be processed immediately, and the deleted or replaced node will no longer be available to the query. For example, the following expression will throw the database into an inconsistent state if //address returns more than one node: However, an expression like the following is safe as it only modifies the current iteration variable (note that the following example deletes $address (the current iteration variable) rather than //address (all addresses in the database, including others that have not been deleted yet): Inserts the content sequence specified in expr into the element node passed via expr Single.Azure Cosmos DB gives you enterprise-grade security and compliance, and is the first and only service to offer industry-leading comprehensive SLAs for 99.999% high availability, latency at the 99th percentile, guaranteed throughput, and consistency.Azure Cosmos DB is designed for developers, with support for a wide range of APIs.expr Single and expr should evaluate to a node set.If expr Single contains more than one element node, the modification will be applied to each of the nodes.Only Azure Cosmos DB allows you to use key-value, graph, column-family, and document data in one service.

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