Updating damn small linux firefox

For Mac OS X users that have read the article on “How to get an Operating System on a SD-Card“; there are several ways to flash an IMG file on an SD-card, or create NOOBS SD-cards.

None of these tools or methods were to my liking so I threw together an application that can do it the way I like it: The Apple Pi-Baker.

– “Abort” button to abort a restore or backup process.

updating damn small linux firefox-48

Changes in v1.5/v1.5.1: – Compression of Backup IMG to a ZIP file (with progress-bar). – Compatible with other filesystems like ext3 or ext4.

Changes in v1.4: – Bug fix (SD-card size) – Speed improvement Changes in v1.3: – Minor bug fixed in detecting SD-Cards and SD-Card readers – Cosmetic change: Window wide oriented – Cosmetic change: All elements are now Retinizer compatible (use it to make it Retina style) – Cosmetic change: Removed resizer icon (lower left corner) Changes in v1.2: – Fixed minor bug with USB SD-Card readers – Changed “Look” a little bit Changes in v1.1: – Improved SD Card detection: detect weirdly partitioned SD-Card (after screwed up dd) properly – Fixed error message after clicking “Write IMG to SD-Card” and not selecting a file – Fixed random numbers in speed and ETA indication at startup of IMG writing – Added filesize vs SD-Card size verification – Added option to backup an SD-Card Donations are very much appreciated, but not required.

– Addressed a minor bug in refreshing the device list – Hopefull fixed the hanging Apple Pi-Baker with some users when running under El Capitan Changes in v1.7: – Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) compatibility.

– Sudo password dialog improved (hidden password and entry handling).

This application is for Mac OS X only and allows you to prepare an SD-Card for use with Raspberry Pi’s NOOBS, and it allows you to “flash” and IMG file to an SD-Card.

Apple Pi-Baker can now also be found on Alternative and e

– Better Media information (type and if it’s read-only or not).

Changes in v1.6: – Compression for Restore and Backup on the fly (ZIP, 7ZIP and GZIP).

The button only appears when a process can be aborted.

Over time several things have changed with Apple Pi-Baker, obviously.

Obviously I cannot address issue when they are not know to me, so please: report issues here.

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