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To set this mode: - open menu of ZET shortcut on a desktop (right mouse click), - choose "Properties" item, - choose "Shortcut" tab, - click "Advanced" button, - check on "Run as Administrator" option, - click "OK" twice. Do not use ZET in maximized mode with Windows, 7, 8, it may dramatically reduces computer speed (but the full-screen mode is allowed). To do that click "Settings" button, select "General settings", "Misc." tab, click "^" degree symbol option. A True Type font is automatically installed - see Chart Settings, "Fonts", "True Type Font" option. Select the line "Winstar TT", and click "OK" You should now be able to use this font in the program. Follow the steps, let wineskin install gecko and choose the zet installation file, ie. Select it by "Chart Settings", "Font", "ZET Font", "...".

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Situations may arise in which it is necessary to transfer the program onto another computer, or to restore it after reinstallation of the operating system, or to transfer data and settings from an old version of the program to a new one.

In these case, after installation of the latest distribution kit, you will need to copy the following files and folders over from the back-up media.

This should not come as a huge surprise when you look at the desktop OS market share.

For starters, Windows XP is no longer a supported platform and Microsoft has left those bits far behind.

While not a total surprise for Windows XP users, this holds true for Windows Vista users as well.

That's the word from Gabe Aul, the man in charge of the Windows Insider program, as he stated on Twitter that the only upgrade paths supported are from Windows 7 and newer.

When done, choose again 'zet.exe' as executable That's it.

Additional True Type astrological fonts: Zastro, astrological font by Paul Hysen,, contains 3 fonts (created by Paul Hysen): - Zastro Modern Pictorial - a font that displays modern images of the zodiac signs, - Zastro Joytish - this font displays images of the traditional Vedic (Joytish) zodiac signs, - Zastro Joytish Fine - same as Zastro Joytish, except that the images are in the form of line drawings. Textures for planet surfaces:, (4 April 2010, 48 MB).

If you have any problems while running ZET, see here. Download wineskin & drop it to the applications folder 2. Name it "zet" and place it in your application folder (natively it will be placed in /userhome/user/application/wineskin) 6. At the end, choose 'zet.exe' as the executable To install the license: 1. Right-click on it and select 'show package content' 3. You can see description of the updates on the News page.

Launch zet 9and zet should start and behave as in windows. The need for correction of program errors, and when the program features are added. Watch out for them and try to set them on a regular basis.

Maintaining updated Huawei software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.

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