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If you want this to be a permanent install you can use a glass/tile bit to drill through your existing mirror and then add a drywall anchor (or screw if you hit a stud) and picture hanging hardware.

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I browsed the wood and trim aisles of Home Depot and picked out a primed 1×4 inch trim board.

I could have gone with a basic pine board which are super cheap BUT if you do that you have knots and grain and things to work around.

I didn’t have clips on my mirror but did have a countertop on the bottom to work around – I decided to make my boards overlap on top of the mirrror a good bit.

To adhere the wood to the mirror, I used a liquid nail product that is specifically designed for mirrors.

With all of the amazing metallic spray paint and fantastic stencils out there, the sky is the limit.

Source: Source: Constance Guisset I love these water color mirrors by Constance Guisset!

Once you caulk, sand, and paint you can’t even tell. Here’s a picture with the updated light fixture on.

Apply your liquid nails or glue to the back of the board but make sure to leave an inch or so at the top of the board so you won’t see the glue reflected in the mirror. Here’s one of the corners – don’t be afraid if they don’t match up perfectly. Here’s how it looked after caulking – just needed to sand lightly and paint. Now to install some shelves over the tub and install a curtain.

Use caulk to glue the tile onto your mirror and then grout.

Source: Houzz Buttons, coins from your travels, silk flowers, driftwood, barn wood, a pretty tray, old windows—you are only limited by your imagination.

Sometimes you have an ugly bathroom but it’s functional and you have a lot of other rooms higher up on your to do list so you probably won’t get to the bathroom for another year or two.

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