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Once you caulk, sand, and paint you can’t even tell. Here’s a picture with the updated light fixture on.

updating bathroom mirrors-50

Sometimes you have an ugly bathroom but it’s functional and you have a lot of other rooms higher up on your to do list so you probably won’t get to the bathroom for another year or two.

The challenge is to make the bathroom pretty (or at least livable) in the meantime without spending a lot of $$$ because it’s just a temporary fix…you know, until you can really get in there and tear some walls out!

With this primed trim board – there are no knots, no grain, no holes – it is completely smooth plus it was already primed!

I had to buy 3 boards at $7 a piece so this project came in at just over $20.

If you want this to be a permanent install you can use a glass/tile bit to drill through your existing mirror and then add a drywall anchor (or screw if you hit a stud) and picture hanging hardware.

If you don’t want to drill a hole in your existing mirror you can add a picture hook to the wall above the mirror or into the ceiling and then use invisible hanging wire.Source: House and Home Imagine these his and hers mirrors hung onto a builder’s mirror—so Fab you would never even notice the plain Jane mirror underneath!Use a stencil and glass paint to revamp the look of an existing mirror.I browsed the wood and trim aisles of Home Depot and picked out a primed 1×4 inch trim board.I could have gone with a basic pine board which are super cheap BUT if you do that you have knots and grain and things to work around.a decorative ribbon or cord could also be used to hide the hanging mechanics.

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